Material Selection

  • Material Selection

Furniture materials underwent a major change in the last century. Wood remains the most popular material for just about all types of furniture for both indoor and outdoor uses, however, it is not the only material used for furniture making for a long time. In addition, there are many types of wood that can be used for furniture making and their selection has a major influence on aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, durability and the price of furniture. Despite a number of materials from which furniture can be made, most homeowners decide for wooden furniture or engineered wood such as particle board which looks just like real wood but it is significantly cheaper. It is hard to say what makes wood the absolute favourite when it comes to selection of furniture material. Its popularity is partly related to the fact that it has been traditionally used for furniture making, while the second part of the answer lies in its exceptional durability, unique aesthetic appeal and high level of comfort it provides. However, there is a major difference between different types of wood as already mentioned earlier in just about all aspects including the looks, level of care required and durability. Furthermore, some types of wood are more challenging to work with, while some are not available in large enough amounts to meet the demand.